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Number of influent waste streams our system can process.
Number of available, useable outputs from our system.
Number of unusable materials left over.




A common question that receives the common response, "It depends." The major determining factors are how much energy is available in the waste stream, and what electrical rates are available from your utility. There are other factors as well. Our DER systems are scalable and accommodate a wide range of waste volumes.
Yes. You can use it and sell what you do not use to the power company. However, in the majority of cases it has been advantageous to sell all of it to your utility and buy what you need off the grid.
The cost will vary considerably depending on the size and layout of the operation. We can provide a rough estimate after gaining an understanding of certain aspects of your operation. We work hard to keep our system costs down without impacting system performance or reliability.
Yes. There are multiple ways to expand the system, such as the additional tanks for liquid digestion and add-on gasificaiton units.

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